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Paleo. . . . ketogenic. . .thingy. . . .UPDATE

Whoa. I've cut down my insulin usage to the point I might be able to get an insulin pump instead of doing constant injections. Oh lawdt, I do not like injections. Annoying as hell. Nonetheless, my medication needs are not the same anymore since keto-paleo-thingy began. I see my diabetic specialist in less than a… Continue reading Paleo. . . . ketogenic. . .thingy. . . .UPDATE

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Overcoming Diabetic Burnout

I just don't wanna anymore! I feel that I am going to start having what is called in the diabetic community as "Diabetic Burnout". This is when diabetes becomes too much of a bitch and you want to have a break. To slack off. To pretend it's not there. This is bad because, duh, it… Continue reading Overcoming Diabetic Burnout