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Paleo. . . . ketogenic. . .thingy. . . .UPDATE

Whoa. I've cut down my insulin usage to the point I might be able to get an insulin pump instead of doing constant injections. Oh lawdt, I do not like injections. Annoying as hell. Nonetheless, my medication needs are not the same anymore since keto-paleo-thingy began. I see my diabetic specialist in less than a… Continue reading Paleo. . . . ketogenic. . .thingy. . . .UPDATE

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Paleo-Keto Beginner

My husband keeps playing this game called Fallout. Earth isn't realy livable above ground so they live in tunnels that you have to build in the game. It got us in a conversation. Food . . . is back to the basics and hopefully you can grow it or find it. What if you knew… Continue reading Paleo-Keto Beginner