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EAT THE DAMN MUFFIN and Body Positivity with Chronic Illness

I read "Eat the Damn Muffin: Confidence for Every Body" by Jenni of the blog housewifehustle and feel I have much to do. This book doesn't feel like force fed doctrine but rather entertaining and fluid with helpful tips and how -to's to gain confidence in yourself and your body to be your best self.… Continue reading EAT THE DAMN MUFFIN and Body Positivity with Chronic Illness

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Paleo-Keto Beginner

My husband keeps playing this game called Fallout. Earth isn't realy livable above ground so they live in tunnels that you have to build in the game. It got us in a conversation. Food . . . is back to the basics and hopefully you can grow it or find it. What if you knew… Continue reading Paleo-Keto Beginner

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Hey, I miss you. . . . insulin pump.

I was told I was type 2 diabetic and not type 1. The head endocrinologist came in to my room at the hospital. I had high blood sugar numbers in the 500s\28.0 and my diabetes seemed to be uncontrollable. She was very angry about me being misdiagnosed. She said to stop my insulin pump and… Continue reading Hey, I miss you. . . . insulin pump.

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Autoimmune Disease Wait

Waiting for an autoimmune disease diagnosis or any diagnosis can be hard. It's frustrating and can make you really anxious. The following are tips to help deal with the wait: The internet . . . . . Do not Google symptoms. Google isn't a doctor. It will just add to your anxiety since your situation… Continue reading Autoimmune Disease Wait

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But all the Gurus are doing it on Instagram. . . . .

Have you seen it? Many beauty gurus shave off their eyebrows and draw them back on. Yeahhhhhhhh....DON'T DO IT. I did it and I am gonna tell you why it sucks. You feel the need to constantly wear make up to cover up what you've done. Unless you are bold and can handle being eyebrowless,… Continue reading But all the Gurus are doing it on Instagram. . . . .