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But all the Gurus are doing it on Instagram. . . . .

Have you seen it?

Many beauty gurus shave off their eyebrows and draw them back on. Yeahhhhhhhh….DON’T DO IT. I did it and I am gonna tell you why it sucks.

  • You feel the need to constantly wear make up to cover up what you’ve done. Unless you are bold and can handle being eyebrowless, don’t do it hun!
  • If you aren’t the best at make up, this is a huge mistake. But I get it. I do. These gurus do make up for a living and do advant garde stuff like looking like a Pikachu or splatter paint brows with gold and glitter and pom poms. But if you are not good at putting make up on and can’t fake it. . . .not a good idea.
  • Being without eyebrows can be too different or extreme for a job.
  • They are a bitch to grow out. I am currently using a $100 serum to try to get them to grow back nice and full.

I hope this talks you out of it!


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