health, skin, style

Oh hey, I am a skin care therapist.

Estheticians\aesthetician, skin care therapist (n): someone who specializes in beautification of the skin. They are not doctors and cannot diagnose any skin diseases rather they provide cosmetic procedures such as peels, microdermabrasion, facials and waxing.

I make my client not only look beautiful but feel like it. I love making someone feel like royalty even if they came into my room feeling horrible. I help them fix their crown and get to pampering!

I am actually a trained esthetician or esty for short. I took a break from being an etsy to rethink what I wanted to practice and what I wanted to teach people about skin and beauty. I continue to consider how I can best represent what true beauty is within the beauty industry apart from the mainstream. I also want to create a beautiful calming atmosphere for my client where they can relax and feel refreshed.

Healthy is the new black.


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