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Metal Yoga Bones’ SASKIA THODE , Revolver Magazine 2017

I came across metal yoga in my quest to find a form of yoga that suited me. I still don’t fully understand the traditional forms of yoga accept know they exist. Metal yoga is to some a total joke. How do you meditate to Darkthrone? Well, some people do.

“I don’t really care what you do, as long as you have fun. The idea is to make yoga and exercising accessible for anyone who wants to try it without any judgement and also without any expectation. You just enjoy the moment and do what you can do. Some people have a drink before they come in, or we drink while we do it. There’s no rules. It’s freedom.”


What is your definition of yoga? What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve? As for myself- I am trying to stretch my body, achieve stillness and calmness. I wish to progress in my poses as time goes on and enjoy myself. I want to take in the moment in it’s fullest, enjoy it and learn to do so in other things in my life. I don’t see my reasons to be that different from many people. However, through connection with metal yogis I realized I could really make my yoga practice all about me, tailored to my taste and my own needs rather than follow what the masses do.

It’s not silly at all.


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