Diabetics: Learn Your Own Body

I learned the hard way that my health needs needed to be my responsibility versus a personal trainer that has no idea what my body is feeling, doing or not doing.

I look at trainers like…..

Your body is unique. Diabetics need to learn their own body. What happens when you deadlift after eating oatmeal an hour before? Should you take your pump off completely when exercising or just lower the bolus? What food do you respond to best- a glucose gel, protein bar or fruit snacks? These are all questions that you need to learn for yourself.

However, I learned that talking with other diabetic athletes and reading can give a little light in the dark. It can most certainly make you feel less alone. However, it still very much depends all on your individual needs.



Diabetic Athletes Handbook, Your guide to peak performance – Sheri R Colberg, PhD



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