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My Reason to Lift and Yoga

I used to get up very early in the morning when I was in middle school. In 7th grade I was flipping channels on television and saw there was a program for doing yoga. I was curious about it so I tried it. I stupidly did a full hour of yoga for my first time. Walking up the stairs was a struggle! My flexibility was really poor back then and my body was stretched in ways that I didn’t think it could. That is part of the fun in doing yoga… You constantly see what your body will do, you train and over time you improve.

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I did yoga through high school. The school newspaper even interviewed me on it with pictures and explanations of the more “simple” poses. I had decided to take weightlifting and did yoga along side it in gym class. As time progressed I realized how much I really enjoyed doing both. There really was nothing like going against yourself and reaching your goals.

After I got married, I was diagnosed with diabetes and gastroparesis. I’ve come to realize that I just won’t progress like others without the diseases will. I can’t inhale protein or fitness drinks. I cannot work out as intensely. I am the one working out while eating fruit snacks and drinking juice trying not to die. Notice I never said I stopped trying.. . . .


My health keeps throwing mud at me. Now I have painful lower legs. I am waiting to find out why. I keep trying to do some walking and I have begun to do yoga even more in hopes it will help me.

What is your story? Where do you get motivation? Drop me a comment below!


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