Mattie Rogers Fangirl

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I really enjoyed weightlifting in high school. I saw results and it excited me. It was like I could be in my own little world. It was just me and my body. I loved it. I picked up weightlifting again and though everything was not going quite how I wanted, I gained strength. I began to lift more than what I did in highschool- but my body would not physically look like it.
I knew I needed a female athlete to help motivate me. Mattie Rogers became my favorite.

Anything worth doing takes effort & time. It takes grit & patience.”

Mattie Rogers

I found a video about her on youtube discussing her experience of finding her niche. She even dropped the bar with weights on it trying to do what is called a snatch. It rolled and shattered the gym’s window. She had humble beginnings, needless to say. She was a cheerleader in high school. She didn’t like how it was all about the body image of “being a pretty blond with a six pack and thin.” She then found crossfit. Crossfit is pure beast mode all the time. Mattie didn’t care for it but really enjoyed the weightlifting portion. She then entered weightlifting, started practicing things like snatches and realized she could really go far with it. Her competitive nature got her into athlete status and she started competing.

I find her to be relatable, humble, a perfectionist, an athlete and a lover of cats.

That last part is super important. Follow her on instagram to watch her preform and play with her cats.


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