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Will a Diet Cure my Diabetes?

I have noticed how many people from all over the world are reading my Paleo-Keto Beginner post. I need to say that a diet is not the cure-all for diabetes. It takes work. You need to log or keep a diary. I've used myfitnesspal but now I simply keep a journal. Also, make sure you… Continue reading Will a Diet Cure my Diabetes?

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Personalization of your Yoga: Altars

If you have an altar or personal decorated space for your practice of yoga it should reflect you. If shouldn't reflect the masses, just like your yoga practice is personal- your altar is personal too. When it comes to your altar, possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas: flowerspictures of loved ones- alive or passed.affirmation\mantra… Continue reading Personalization of your Yoga: Altars